How to Apply and Remove Covergirl mascara


Covergirl mascara
Covergirl mascara

All we know the Covergirl Bombshell volume mascara, so today I’m going to show you how to put it on and then how to take it off with some mineral oil.

we’re going to start with the first side, wich provides volume.

  1. Approach this as you would with any volumizing mascara, use the wand at your roots and draw it evenly through your lashes.
  2. the second side of bombshell volume mascara is for intensity, it’s an amazing second dark top coat and don’t forget to wiggle the wand as you apply your mascara for nice clean even distribution.
  3. remove mascara with mineral oil:

you can use regular mineral oil and some cotton balls saturating one of the cotton balls and put it on your eyes and let it sit for a few moments.

These tips can feel you easy, breezy, and dare I say it, a little beautiful.Toggle panel: Boombox Post Advanced Fields

Covergirl mascara
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