3 Tips to Reduce Your Breast Cancer Risk

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Chest illness. It’s on every woman’s cerebrum, and considering current conditions.

The American Cancer Society reports that chest infection is the most notable harmful development in American women, notwithstanding skin tumors. In a social affair of eight women, probability says that one will make chest sickness throughout her life. Regardless, we need to guarantee you by changing alarming considerations into positive exercises with peril diminishing direction from one of AdventHealth’s driving chest trained professionals, Olga Ivanov, MD, a board-affirmed and organization arranged chest expert at Florida Breast Health Specialists and the Medical Director of the Comprehensive Breast Health Center at AdventHealth Celebration Health.

“A fundamental fragment of chest danger expectation lies in propelling sound lifestyle rehearses that help life length,” says Dr. Ivanov.

Dr. Ivanov shares her tips on the most ideal approach to decrease your chest harm peril by grasping several key sound affinities.


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