5 Breakfasts Modified in Case of IBS

Are you running away from breakfast for fear of its consequences? This moment of pleasure for the taste buds can quickly turn into a nightmare in case of IBS, that’s why we offer 5 breakfasts adapted in case of IBS.
Breakfast is often the pet peeve of people suffering from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Dairy products, cereal products, fruits… this moment for many so pleasant can easily cause gas, bloating and other intestinal joy in IBS sufferers. But there are breakfasts that won’t necessarily harm you!

The 5 breakfasts adapted for IBS: a treat for every taste
1- To be eaten
Why not start with a salty breakfast? Gluten-free sandwich sandwiches for a quick and easy first meal. And why not to go. Add almonds to this breakfast, good for their fiber, mineral and protein intake. Good news: this snack contains only 0.02 g of FODMAPs.

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2- Lactose-free chia porridge with vanilla and at work
For those who appreciate the sweetness of a dairy product in the morning, cow’s milk (rich in lactose) is replaced by a vegetable drink: almond milk. To treat yourself while limiting the FODMAPs: 0.38 g per portion. For people suffering from constipation, chia seeds are a great ally.

To treat yourself with a soft breakfast.

3- A peanut butter toast
A breakfast with a peanut butter toast
In the absence of cocoa and hazelnut spread (which contains notably lactose), you can treat yourself with peanut butter which also contains FODMAPs but in small quantities (0.5g per 100g). The main thing is not to make an orgy out of it! Do not hesitate to add a fruit to complete and bring vitamins, here an orange.

I want to fill up with sweets

4- The armor
A salty and Breton breakfast to start the day well
Here is another salty breakfast, with Breton accents, to fill up on proteins (ham and eggs). The Breton pancakes, with buckwheat, do not contain FODMAPs.

To make Brittany resonate in the kitchen

5- The butter-jelly and kiwi bread
The classic French breakfast but revisited with gluten-free bread. Add a kiwi for a breakfast low in FODMAPs (0.49 g per serving) which should put some balm in your heart early in the morning. If you are apprehensive about the bread-butter-jam combo, try this breakfast first on a Sunday.