Help, My Belly Won’t Stop Gurgling!

Your belly doesn’t stop gurgling at any time of the day so much that it becomes very embarrassing? Find out what these untimely gurgling sounds are due to and above all how to shut them up forever!
A gurgling belly tells you :
– either because it is empty,
– or that he doesn’t like what you are feeding him.

Your belly gurgles when it is empty.
An empty stomach often has a tendency to cry out for food. Why is this? Simply because it is digesting your last meal and this process of digestion between the food bolus and the digestive juices produces air, gas, bubbles and therefore digestive noises. In addition, your stomach produces certain hormones and secretes digestive juices for the next meal, causing small gurgles.

How can this be remedied?
Compose your breakfast well so that you’re ready for the morning. To do this, preferably choose low-glycemic carbohydrates (cereal bread, wholemeal bread, muesli) and proteins (eggs, white ham, bacon, smoked salmon, chipmunk), which have a high satiety power. In addition, avoid skipping meals and, if possible, introduce a snack break!

Your belly gurgles when it is full.
If your belly gurgles when it’s full, it’s because what you’re feeding it isn’t right for it. An unbalanced intestinal flora or irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) tend to produce fermentation gases that are accompanied by digestive noise and sometimes even pain and bloating.

What if it was irritable bowel syndrome?

What can be done about it?
First of all, try to identify the foods that cause problems and try to reduce their consumption. More generally, in order to reduce inflammation and heal the mucous membrane, avoid eating foods that are fermentable and irritable to the intestine. Therefore, limit raw vegetables and fruits, fermenting vegetables (cabbage, flageolets), legumes, foods rich in fructans (asparagus, leek, onion, shallot, unripe banana), foods rich in fiber (wholemeal bread, rice and wholemeal pasta), cow’s milk, foods rich in lactose, sugar-free candies and chewing gum, strong coffee, strong tea and strong alcohols.

Last but not least, remember to chew your food well because digestion begins in the mouth under the effect of salivary enzymes!